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The inaugural DISCO (EIT) teaching and training session, led by Christian Hoffman, took place on 17 November.

Christian Hoffman is a designer thinking instructor and one of the co-authors of The Design Thinking Toolbox, an international best-seller. Christian Hohmann has extensive experience in precision engineering and business administration. He is currently co-director of the Smart-Up programme and a lecturer at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, where he also oversees four engineering and business educational programmes.

The session was divided into several parts. First, the participants had the opportunity to listen to the presentation “Introduction to the mindset, methods, and tools empowering people to create their own business” delivered by the author. They were then divided into teams and used the author’s original method to put their newly gained skills and knowledge into practice. The training activities were fascinating, and the outcome surprised everyone when exciting ideas surfaced as a result of group activities.