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Our start-ups

As part of the DISCO project, we assist several firms that were founded or were already operating in 2022. We provide consultancy services to foster academic collaboration, but our main focus is on practical assistance in finding worldwide partners for these emerging businesses.



Ecomotional (joint-stock company) focuses on consultancy, competence, and project development in the field of clean technologies in order to support and accelerate the global energy transformation and modern mobility.

Ecomotional expects new technology, business structures, and consumer habits to reshape the energy sector. The company aims to put this vision into practice drawing on four major global trends: decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation, and democratisation.

Ecomotional has identified cutting-edge technologies and is on the lookout for game-changing ideas, people, and businesses wherever they may be to help build this future. It assists in the provision of funding and mentoring while also developing a reliable co-creation and collaboration platform.

Ecomotional operates in the following areas: ecological products, ecological consultancy, Ecomotional ventures, eco-motor RnD services (on request), ecological knowledge centre (education and training).



K-POWER provides comprehensive electromobility solutions for public and private transportation. It is particularly concerned with the operation of electric buses as well as light and heavy delivery vehicles. It offers a comprehensive infrastructure, monitoring, management systems, operation and maintenance, consultancy, and administrative support.

K-POWER focuses on implementing electromobility-based solutions that go above and beyond the current standards in logistics. All integrated systems are thoroughly assessed, and then upgraded with a view to securing measurable benefits for partners.

K-POWER offers support at all project stages: from concept formation to needs analysis and selection of the best solutions, to the implementation and launch of the last scheduled bus on the line.

K-POWER offers: charging consultancy services, on-demand charging infrastructure, charging as a service (CaaS), Electromobility Academy.



Mobility Hubs organises efficient shared transportation for cities by providing access to a wide range of shared-mobility vehicles (including city bikes, e-scooters, and cars from car-sharing pools) in a given location as well as the necessary infrastructure (dedicated parking spaces, street furniture, chargers, battery replacement).

The company is the only one in Poland to operate the country’s first mobility hubs, thanks to contracts with property owners and prominent providers of mass-mobility services. As a result, it promotes far more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways of transportation than private cars. As a network of hubs, it has the potential to influence local residents’ mobility decisions by providing collective and shared means of transportation as part of multimodal travel. In this way, it helps cities achieve carbon neutrality.


Grain Brain is an innovative Polish-Ukrainian start-up currently developing a cloud-based collaboration platform that includes a grain logistics and trade application. By deploying cutting-edge technology, it responds to the difficulties in exporting grain faced by Ukraine caused by the Russian military presence in the Black Sea.

The innovation addresses the critical need to equip Ukrainian businesses with solutions that facilitate grain logistics, sale, and transportation. The service will be provided by a new platform dedicated to optimising freight shipping and grain movement from Ukraine to Poland, while at the same time facilitating the delivery of crucial supplies to Ukraine.

The platform and the application will provide an end-to-end collaboration and management tool for the agricultural transportation supply chain.



Recoveries is a virtual health assistance platform that provides personalised support, counselling, and information analysis in disease prevention, health maintenance, and rehabilitation by utilising both public and commercial health services. Recoveries responds to the demand for digital health tools by linking Polish, Ukrainian, and Scandinavian healthcare hubs and supporting patients from these countries. Virtual assistants and personal healthcare advisors facilitate patients’ access to healthcare information providers. The application also helps to improve patient-therapist communication (physiotherapist, psychotherapist, doctor, counsellor) as well as patient service and support.

During the project’s five-month lifespan, DISCO helped to establish Recoveries as a limited liability company in Poland and provided the necessary development support, including consultancy services and funding from the PRIZE Poland programme.



Accelerator Diagnostic Games is a new company founded in September 2022 with a focus on the local educational and therapeutic market. Its core business is to create new solutions to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees and improve their health. The company develops and markets therapeutic games, educational resources, and therapeutic support apps.

Accelerator Diagnostic Games was founded with the objective of recognising children’s psycho-emotional problems as well as their personal and social concerns (fears, low self-esteem, and family problems). Its products aid in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of children aged 5 to 11 who have been diagnosed with or are at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder.

DISCO consultancy helped Accelerator Diagnostic Games to register as a limited liability company in Poland, obtain development support, including subsidies under the PRIZE Poland program, and to develop a network of domestic and international contacts.


Start-ups that we support in 2023 as part of the DISCO project.


SPARESTY LLC is a pioneering company that facilitates communication between RV enthusiasts and service providers. Their recently launched platform is designed to effortlessly connect people who want to live closer to nature. SPARESTY provides a unique opportunity for these individuals to generate income even in locations where it may seem challenging.

The primary objective of SPARESTY is to make life easier for both travellers and service providers. To that end, they offer a central information hub to facilitate and enhance the experience of travelling by campervan.

Quality and accessibility are two key pillars of SPARESTY’s commitment to service. Their platform ensures high service quality and easy accessibility for all users. It is a step forward in SPARESTY’s ongoing efforts to improve the RV community’s experience.

The user-friendly platform of SPARESTY provides important insights and practical recommendations on travelling by campervan, making it a one-stop destination for RV travellers. SPARESTY’s mission as a company is to build a more connected and sustainable future within the RV community.

The following are the main characteristics of SPARESTY LLC’s primary business, which is situated in Bydgoszcz and serves all of Poland:

  1. Facilitation of communication: They focus on bridging the gap between RV enthusiasts and service providers.
  2. Lifestyle connection: SPARESTY’s recently launched platform is designed to seamlessly connect individuals intent to pursue a more nature-aligned lifestyle.
  3. Income opportunities: The platform provides a unique opportunity for users to generate income, even in locations where it might currently seem challenging
  4. Simplified experience: Their main objective is to simplify life for both travellers and service providers. They accomplish this via a centralized information hub to make travel experiences by campervan easier and more enjoyable.
  5. Quality and accessibility: As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, SPARESTY ensures high service quality and easy access.
  6. Community improvement: Their services are crucial to their ongoing efforts to enhance the RV community’s overall experience.
  7. Resource provision: SPARESTY’s user-friendly platform offers practical tips and valuable insights for travelling by campervan, making it a comprehensive resource for RV travellers.
  8. Sustainable future: SPARESTY promotes a more interconnected and sustainable future in the RV community.



LEVAYN LOGISTIC LLC, based in Krakow, is a dynamic start-up that offers a wide range of transportation and logistics services.

As a critical player in road freight transport, they provide comprehensive logistics solutions for delivering goods over extensive road networks. They excel in managing other operations associated with transportation through their transport agency activities.

Recognising the importance of secure storage, LEVAYN LOGISTIC LLC provides warehousing and storage services tailored to the requirements of various goods. Their support services guarantee efficient and streamlined operations in land transportation.

To facilitate a seamless flow of goods, they handle the reloading of goods at various transhipment points. Their expertise includes repairing and maintaining various types of transportation equipment, ensuring operational reliability and efficiency.
LEVAYN LOGISTIC LLC operates in the automotive sector, engaging in the wholesale and retail sales of cars and vans and other motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles).

The company offers flexible rental and leasing services for automobiles and vans. They cater to the needs of those seeking to rent or lease various types of motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles).

LEVAYN LOGISTIC LLC’s mission is to deliver comprehensive, high-quality transport and logistics solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and interconnected logistics landscape.

LEVAYN LOGISTIC LLC, a Krakow-based start-up, in involved in the following core businesses:

  1. Road freight transport: logistics services for transporting goods via road networks.
  2. Transport agency activities: other ancillary operations associated with transportation.
  3. Warehousing and storage: storage solutions for various types of goods.
  4. Land transport support: land transport support services to ensure smooth and efficient operations.
  5. Reloading of goods at various transhipment points.
  6. Transport equipment maintenance: repair and maintenance services for different types of transport equipment.
  7. Car and van sales: wholesale and retail sale of cars and vans.
  8. Other motor vehicle sales, excluding motorcycles.
  9. Car and van leasing services.
  10. Other motor vehicle leasing, excluding motorcycles.

Company website: not yet available



The start-up aims to develop digital educational materials, specifically textbooks and tests, focused on history for secondary and primary school pupils. These tools promote self-education and assist users in preparing for final examinations at primary and secondary levels.

As an individual, the company’s CEO has considerable experience in developing comprehensive and well-tested digital products, as proven by his work on and his successful collaboration with prominent academics and school teachers.

The primary objective of the start-up is to develop, scale-up, and successfully bring the product to the market. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of the CEO’s successful track record to date, the start-up aims to provide high-quality digital tests and textbooks that deliver engaging and effective learning experiences for students studying history.

By providing accessible and comprehensive digital resources that enable self-directed learning and exam preparation, the start-up aims to support students in acquiring a deep understanding of history and excelling in their academic pursuits.
Through meticulous development, strategic scaling, and a well-executed market introduction, the start-up seeks to establish itself as a leading provider of educational digital materials in history. This venture has the potential to make a substantial impact on the education sector and contribute to the academic performance of students preparing for their final exams.


LILIIA KHOMENKO is a private enterprise founded by a Ukrainian national Liliia Khomenko. Its wide range of services across numerous industries demonstrates versatility and flexible business philosophy.

– Food service: The enterprise manages a number of restaurants and other food-related establishments, catering to a diverse clientele with a variety of culinary preferences.

– Education: In the educational sector, it provides extracurricular services not categorised elsewhere, tailoring their offer to meet unique learning needs.

– Language services: The enterprise provides foreign language teaching services to those who want to improve their language skills.

– Translation: The enterprise offers translation and interpreting services to bridge communication gaps across languages.

– Beverage service: The enterprise prepares and serves various beverages, which complements its food service offers.

– Catering: The enterprise is well-known for its catering services, which include designing and delivering cuisine to external consumers various events, functions, and meetings.

– Retail: It handles retail sales via mail-order houses or over the Internet, capitalising on the growing popularity of online shopping.

– Specialised stores: LILIIA KHOMENKO operates specialised stores, offering, among others, flowers, plants, and seeds, as well as fertilisers, pet animals, and pet food.

– Bakery stores: The enterprise manages specialised stores selling bread, cakes, pastries, and confectionery, serving customers who enjoy baked goods.

In summary, LILIIA KHOMENKO is a multi-faceted company with operations ranging from broadly conceived catering and education to retail and translation services. The enterprise’s broad focus and agility allow it to cater to a wide range of consumer needs, making it a one-stop solution for numerous services. LILIIA KHOMENKO exemplifies a dynamic and versatile business style with its diverse portfolio.

The main business segments of LILIIA KHOMENKO include the following:

  1. Managing restaurants and other permanent food service facilities.
  2. Out-of-school forms of education not classified elsewhere.
  3. Foreign language teaching services.
  4. Translation, interpreting, and related services.
  5. Preparing and serving a variety of beverages.
  6. Other food service activities.
  7. Catering services.
  8. Retail sales through mail order houses and over the Internet.
  9. Operating specialized stores selling flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pet animals, and pet food.
  10. Managing specialized stores selling bread, cakes, pastry, and confectionery.

Company website: not yet available



NEONS LLC, a registered LTD company based in Warsaw, specializes in creating custom neon signs in a variety of sizes to suit each client’s unique needs. With a focus on brand identity, each piece is meticulously crafted to reflect the client’s vision and requirements. The company offers a range of services, including design consultation, sign production and maintenance.

In terms of technology, NEONS LLC employs advanced solutions as LED technology instead of traditional gas tubes. This enables them to deliver exceptional brightness, durability, and energy efficiency, while ensuring the highest possible quality. The company continually strives to improve its production processes and uses cutting-edge materials to meet the most stringent quality standards.

The company’s goals include quality, innovation, customer satisfaction, market expansion, and raising brand awareness. As a venture committed to consistently high product quality, NEONS LLC employs advanced technologies to produce neon signs. In an effort to lead the industry in innovation and meet the changing needs of their consumers, it investigates and creates new materials and procedures to improve brightness, efficiency, and durability of their products.

Customer satisfaction is paramount, therefore NEONS LLC approaches each order individually. Close collaboration with clients, design consultations, and creating adverts that best represent their brand and values are all critical components of its service. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, NEONS LLC aims to build long-lasting relationships and ensure positive experiences.

To expand its operations, NEONS LLC plans to enter new areas and attract new clients. Recognising the market’s growth potential, the company intends to increase its market share by remaining competitive and delivering high-quality products.
Moreover, NEONS LLC strives to raise its brand awareness and become a recognisable name in the neon advertising industry. Through active marketing campaigns, it intends to promote their company and showcase their expertise, further cementing its market position.

Overall, NEONS LLC’s objectives are to deliver top quality products, foster customer satisfaction, expand its market presence, and establish itself as a prominent brand in the neon advertising industry.

NEONS LLC, a start-up based in Warsaw, is involved in the following business segments:

  1. Custom neon sign production: NEONS LLC specialises in producing custom neon signs of various sizes, tailoring each advertisement to the specific needs of its clients. They design visually appealing and brand-specific neon signs that accurately reflect the client’s vision and expectations.
  2. Design consultation: NEONS LLC offers design consultation services, working closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences. This approach guarantees that the final product is consistent with the client’s brand identity and values.
  3. Neon sign production: Utilising advanced technologies, including LED, NEONS LLC manufactures neon signs that deliver exceptional brightness, durability, and energy efficiency. To meet quality standards, they give priority to modern materials and continuously improve their production techniques.
  4. Maintenance services: Apart from producing signs, NEONS LLC also offers maintenance. Thanks to its expertise, the characters are kept in optimal shape, preserving their aesthetic impact and durability.
  5. Quality and innovation: NEONS LLC strongly emphasises maintaining consistently high product quality. It focuses on innovation, researching and developing new materials and processes to enhance the brightness, efficiency, and durability of its neon signs.
  6. Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to NEONS LLC. The company approaches each order individually, working closely with clients to understand their needs and create advertising that best represents their brand. By prioritising customer satisfaction, NEONS LLC aims to establish long-lasting relationships and ensure positive experiences.
  7. Market expansion: NEONS LLC plans to expand into new markets and attract new clients. It recognises the growth potential of the neon advertising market and aims to increase its market share by remaining competitive and offering high-quality products.
  8. Brand awareness: NEONS LLC strives to raise its brand awareness and establish itself as a recognisable name in the neon advertising industry. Through active marketing campaigns, they aim to promote their company, showcase their expertise, and solidify their market position.


In summary, the core business of NEONS LLC includes custom neon sign production, design consultation, using advanced technologies, maintenance services, quality and innovation, customer satisfaction, market expansion, and brand awareness. These aspects collectively support NEONS LLC’s mission of delivering high-quality neon signs that meet the unique needs of its clients while establishing itself as a prominent brand in the industry.

Company website: not yet available



Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic is a private enterprise founded by Antonio Torrente Canto, a Spanish individual with an extensive understanding of Polish and Spanish cultures and business settings. The company officially began its operations on 2 June 2021, by registering in Poland to embark on entrepreneurial activities. Thanks to his keen understanding of Polish and Spanish cultures, the owner brings a unique perspective and valuable expertise to the company’s operations.

Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic’s primary business is logistics, specifically air passenger transport. By leveraging the power of air travel, the firm aims to allow seamless journeys for people travelling between Poland and Spain. Since customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to the firm, its owner emphasises delivering exceptional service and precisely managing all aspects of logistics and passenger transport.

However, the firm intends to expand its operations. Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic wants to bridge the Polish and Spanish markets by creating opportunities for collaboration and growth in grant activities and business. The firm’s extensive knowledge, experience, and network of contacts promote the interaction between Polish and Spanish businesses, facilitating expansion and bringing mutual prosperity. Its goal is to establish a common ground where businesses from both countries can thrive and succeed. In its pursuit of and diversity, Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic embraces innovation and seeks to redefine traditional business models. Long-term partnerships and exceeding customer expectations are key to its corporate values. Initially, it focused on establishing friendships and business partnerships between Poles and Spaniards. Antonio Torrente is dedicated to fostering strong business connections and enhancing innovation by providing efficient and reliable services.

With a strong foundation in language skills, cultural understanding, and business acumen, Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic is well-positioned to significantly impact the Polish-Spanish business landscape by becoming a trusted partner for companies looking to expand their operations and reach new horizons through its dedication to connecting markets, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovation.

Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic embodies its owner’s vision, enthusiasm, and commitment to quickly and enjoyably bridge the gap between Poland and Spain, supporting commercial growth, cultural interchange, and mutual prosperity.

The main objective of the ANTONIO TORRENTE CANTO SUPERSONIC is to bridge the Polish and Spanish markets, fostering business expansion and mutual prosperity.

The core business segments of ANTONIO TORRENTE CANTO SUPERSONIC are:

  • Logistics: Specializing in air passenger transport services between Poland and Spain.
  • Grants activities and business expansion: Facilitating collaboration and growth opportunities for Polish and Spanish companies.


Key focus areas:

Air passenger transport:
– Enabling seamless journeys between Poland and Spain.
– Emphasizing exceptional service and meticulous management of logistics and passenger transport.

Grants activities and business expansion:
– Creating opportunities for collaboration and growth in grants activities and business.
– Facilitating trade between Polish and Spanish companies.
– Promoting business growth and mutual prosperity.
– Establishing a common ground for thriving and successful businesses.

Business model innovation and redefinition:
– Embracing innovation to redefine traditional business models.
– Using cutting-edge technologies and adapting to changes in the industry.

Building strong business connections:
– Promoting strong business connections and relationships.
– Supporting innovation by providing efficient and reliable services.
– Connecting markets and fostering collaboration between Poland and Spain.

In general, Antonio Torrente Canto Supersonic focuses on bridging the gap between Poland and Spain by providing exceptional air passenger transport services. The firm’s core business involves enabling seamless journeys, encouraging business expansion and collaboration, and embracing innovation in order to provide a foundation for success and mutual prosperity.

Company website: not yet available.



FUSION is a dynamic Limited Liability Company jointly owned by a dedicated husband-and-wife team. Vladimir Otpushdennikov is a certified beekeeper with an Agricultural Academy diploma. Established with a vision to leverage the untapped potential of Poland’s rich, diverse botanical landscape and the beekeeping industry, Fusion LLC combines the owners’ passion for beekeeping, knowledge of the local climate, and insights into natural bee products.

The company’s operations are primarily based in a well-equipped, registered apiary that complies with the highest standards imposed by the Veterinary Inspection and ARiMR. A variety of bee products, including honey, pollen, propolis, and wax, are sourced from this apiary and utilised to make a variety of natural food items.

One of the company’s flagship innovations is the apibalzam, a dietary supplement developed and launched by Vladimir based on these bee products. Additionally, the company seeks to manufacture natural bee products and nutritional supplements based on honey, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly, innovatively packaged in tubes, much like toothpaste.

Fusion LLC is driven by a mission to elevate Polish honey’s reputation on a regional and international scale. The company believes that Polish honey has enormous potential due to its outstanding flavour and natural qualities attributed to the favourable climate. The company aims to dispel myths about honey offered in huge retail chains, which is often heated and blended with syrup, and to promote truly natural honey.

Apart from its production operations, Fusion LLC intends to diversify into eco-tourism and education. The plan includes the purchase of a 10‒12 hectare plot dedicated to honey plant cultivation, surrounded by trees and shrubs, housing an ‘epidemic’ (a place for sleeping on hives), a beekeeping museum, and a school to teach and promote the art of beekeeping.

Moreover, Fusion LLC also envisions restoring and renovating old houses near forests and fields. These could serve as extra manufacturing facilities or tourist attractions, further enhancing the company’s footprint and impact.

Thanks to Vladimir’s hands-on approach to work and vast beekeeping expertise, Fusion LLC promises to deliver natural products that contribute to the health of people of all ages while championing the authenticity of Polish honey.

The core business segments of Fusion LLC, a start-up based in Krakow, are as follows:

  1. Beekeeping: Fusion LLC owns a registered apiary, where bees are kept and honey, pollen, propolis, and wax are collected. This is one of its core businesses and serves as the basis for other products and services.
  2. Production of natural bee products: Fusion LLC produces a variety of natural bee products, including, but not limited to, raw honey, propolis, and wax.
  3. Production of dietary products: Fusion LLC has created a dietary product named ‘apibalzam’ based on its bee products. The firm aims to expand and develop similar products in the future.
  4. Manufacture of nutritional supplements: The firm uses bee products to make nutritional supplements based on honey, propolis, flower pollen, and royal jelly. They are mainly known for their innovative packaging in tubes similar to those used for toothpaste.
  5. Promotion of natural honey: Fusion LLC aims to raise popular awareness of the quality and benefits of natural, non-adulterated honey, primarily focusing on Polish honey, and to challenge the misconceptions about honey sold by large retail chains.
  6. Education: The firm intends to found a beekeeping museum and school to educate the public and promote the art and science of beekeeping.
  7. Hair care: Providing hair care and styling services and other cosmetic treatments such as facials, manicures, and pedicures.

Company website: not yet available.


Jedność Foundation (Unity Foundation)

The JEDNOŚĆ Foundation is a dynamic and inclusive organisation committed to transforming education and personal development in a community built on equal rights and mutual respect. The Foundation works tirelessly through various initiatives to promote progressive learning and development ideas, ensuring that education is accessible to all.

The Foundation actively develops and disseminates knowledge about modern, innovative, and pro-social teaching methods, providing educators with practical tools to nurture a lifelong love of learning in their students. It fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural events, encouraging individuals to explore their passions and unlock their potential.

The core of the Foundation’s mission is to promote good practices in science and education in order to provide learners with high-quality and impactful educational experiences, while supporting comprehensive development that includes vital skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and social communication for children, young people, and adults.

The JEDNOŚĆ Foundation also advocates for personal development, offering workshops and support to individuals as they embark on their growth path. It celebrates diversity by engaging in activities that benefit national and ethnic minorities and regional languages, thereby fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment. The JEDNOŚĆ Foundation actively welcomes foreigners, encouraging integration and international collaboration for personal, family, and societal development. By drawing on humanistic pedagogy principles, they enable individuals to become caring global citizens. At the same time, its commitment to families, children’s rights, and preserving Ukrainian culture demonstrates its commitment to nurturing well-being and cultural legacy.

The primary goal of the JEDNOŚĆ Foundation is to spread awareness of the transformative ideas of education and development, anchored in lifelong learning, within a community that upholds equal rights and mutual respect. Its mission encompasses various initiatives to introduce and disseminate knowledge about modern, innovative, and pro-social teaching methods to educators, fostering a love for learning. Additionally, it actively encourages creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural activities related to education and personal growth, while promoting good practices in science and education. The start-up places a major emphasis on fostering the overall development of people of all ages, including children, teens, and adults, with a particular emphasis on critical abilities including social communication, dispute resolution, and negotiation. It actively engages in activities that benefit national and ethnic minorities, regional languages, and foreigners, promoting community integration, understanding, and acceptance. In order to promote individual, family, and social development, it works in partnership with civil society organisations worldwide. Their dedication extends to promoting the development of a humanistic society and putting humanistic teaching into practice, enabling people to develop into compassionate, empathic, and responsible members of society. Its support for marriage, motherhood, parenthood, and children’s rights demonstrates their dedication to fostering society’s future and well-being, and their efforts to uphold Ukrainian culture are evidence of their pride in history and commitment to cultural identity.

Company website: not yet available.


Fundacja Kompetencje Przyszłości (Competencies of the Future Foundation)

The Competencies of the Future Foundation is an organisation dedicated to advancing education and fostering the development of essential skills for individuals across all age groups, including children, youth, adults, and seniors. With a strong emphasis on preparing individuals for the challenges of the future, the Foundation actively engages in a wide range of educational activities.

The Foundation actively promotes innovation in various spheres of social life, striving to initiate and support ground-breaking solutions. By identifying emerging trends and needs, the foundation strives to create cutting-edge programs and initiatives that address these challenges effectively.

With a strong emphasis on learning and education, the foundation supports schools, educational institutions, and the overall upbringing of children and young people. It recognises the importance of lifelong learning and provides educational opportunities to individuals of all ages, including specialized programs for adults and senior citizens.

Their comprehensive approach includes areas such as innovation, civil society development, learning support, digital proficiency, health advocacy, environmental conservation, intercultural dialogue, refugee and immigrant integration, disability empowerment, employment facilitation, economic development, and corporate social responsibility. The Foundation’s various activities aim to provide individuals with the skills they need to prosper in an ever-changing environment and contribute meaningfully to society.

The main objective of the Competencies of the Future Foundation is to engage in educational activities, with a particular focus on enhancing future skills among children, youth, adults, and seniors. The Foundation has also set itself the following goals:

  1. To initiate and support innovative solutions in a variety of social settings.
  2. To foster and strengthen active cooperation in the development of civil society.
  3. To support learning, schooling, education, and upbringing of children and young people.
  4. To provide education and socio-professional activation for youth, adults, and seniors.
  5. To improve digital competencies and develop tools for new information and communication technologies.
  6. To promote health protection, advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and support physical culture and sports.
  7. To support the development of tourism and local exploration.
  8. To engage in ecological, animal protection, and natural heritage preservation efforts.
  9. To develop skills and participate in cooperation for development and public diplomacy.
  10. To support intercultural dialogue and combat prejudice and discrimination based on age, gender, nationality, and religion.
  11. To assist those affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts, and wars both domestically and internationally, as well as their families.
  12. To support the development of Poland’s social integration system, particularly with regard to refugees and immigrants.
  13. To support social, professional, and educational activation of refugees and immigrants.
  14. To assist refugees and migrants, especially those from Ukraine.
  15. To organise activities for people with disabilities and their families.
  16. To promote employment and professional activation of the unemployed and those at risk of job loss.
  17. To support economic development, including entrepreneurship and innovation.
  18. To promote and organise volunteer events in support of the Foundation’s goals.
  19. To work with businesses to implement the idea of corporate social responsibility in order to achieve the Foundation’s goals.

Company website: not yet available.


Kingdom Foundation

The Kingdom Foundation is a multi-faceted organisation that seeks to promote cultural education, uphold national traditions, and facilitate European integration. It is committed to societal cooperation and non-formal education, particularly in the domains of culture, art, science, and teaching.

One of its core objectives is to support national and ethnic minorities, promote regional languages, and assist in the integration of immigrants. Concurrently, the Foundation proudly promotes the Republic of Poland abroad and upholds environmental causes such as animal protection and natural heritage preservation.
Catering to the needs of individuals aged 50+ and retirees is a significant part of its mandate, as are charitable activities, supporting tourism and sightseeing. The Foundation is dedicated to defending human rights and civil liberties, and actively promotes democratic ideals.

The cornerstone of its mission is to support people with disabilities, organise and promote volunteerism, and provide resources for children and youth, including activities that encourage rest and uphold family values. It champions and protects children’s rights and is committed to assisting those who face social exclusion by focusing on their professional activation and social integration.

In general, the Kingdom Foundation is a proactive organisation dedicated to advancing and supporting diverse societal facets, promoting cohesion, equality, and responsible citizenship.

The main objectives of the Kingdom Foundation are to promote cultural and national awareness, facilitate European integration, support minorities and regional languages, promote Poland abroad, champion ecological causes, cater to the needs of retirees, participate in charitable activities, uphold human rights, advance democracy, aid people with disabilities, encourage volunteerism, support children and families, and assist in the social integration of those at risk of exclusion ‒ all based on the following list:

  1. Activities in the field of culture, art, protection of cultural heritage and traditions, especially cultural education;
  2. Maintaining and promoting national traditions, fostering Polishness and the development of national, civic, and cultural awareness;
  3. Initiatives that promote European integration as well as societal integration and cooperation;
  4. Activities in the fields of non-formal education, science, education, teaching and upbringing, including those related to art and culture;
  5. Initiatives in support of regional languages as well as national and ethnic minorities;
  6. Initiatives aimed to integrate immigrants;
  7. International promotion of the Republic of Poland;
  8. Initiatives to further societal interaction and collaboration as well as European integration;
  9. Ecological, animal, and natural heritage conservation initiatives;
  10. Initiatives for people aged 50+ and retirees;
  11. Charitable activities and supporting charities;
  12. Tourism and sightseeing-related activities;
  13. Promotion and protection of human rights and civil liberties, as well as supporting the development of democracy;
  14. Fostering European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation among societies;
  15. Initiatives intended to activate people with disabilities;
  16. Promotion and coordination of volunteer activities;
  17. Activities for children and youth, including rest for children and youth and activities for the family, motherhood, parenthood, promotion, and protection of children’s rights.

Professional activation and social integration of people at risk of social exclusion, including those with disabilities, through professional, social and cultural reintegration as well as vocational and social rehabilitation.

Company website: not yet available.


Centrum Prawa Amerykańskiego Foundation

The Centrum Prawa Amerykańskiego Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Poland, devoted to advancing the understanding and application of American law. Its primary mission is to promote unique legal solutions to be found in the American system and foster international collaboration between Poland and the United States of America.

The Foundation pursues numerous initiatives, including comprehensive education and training to key stakeholders and encouraging active participation in the development of civil society. The organisation strongly emphasises improving the proficiency in American law and actively promotes its principles and values both domestically and internationally.

The Centrum Prawa Amerykańskiego Foundation promotes cooperation between the two countries in order to strengthen Polish‒American relations. Furthermore, it is dedicated to encouraging and organising volunteer activities aligned with its goals, fostering a sense of community involvement and active commitment.

The Foundation’s principal goal is to improve the understanding of American law in Poland, which includes making the legal solutions unique to the American system more widely known and creating opportunities for international collaboration.

Other goals of the Foundation include:

  1. Education & training: To offer instruction and training sessions to key stakeholders in order to improve their knowledge of American law.
  2. Civic engagement: To foster attitudes that support active involvement in the development of civil society.
  3. Legal proficiency: To improve the knowledge of American law.
  4. Legal promotion: To champion American law and foster international cooperation in this area.
  5. International cooperation: To encourage and strengthen Polish‒American collaboration.
  6. Volunteerism: To organise and promote volunteer activities that help the Foundation to achieve its goals.

Company website: not yet available.