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On 6 December 2022, DISCO project partner ECWT (The European Centre for Women and Technology) conducted the webinar “Women4IT – a good example of re-and upskilling of digital skills for jobs of the future” for young women (19-29 years) at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The main goal of the webinar was to demonstrate opportunities available to young women who are at risk of being excluded from the labour market and how acquiring digital skills may significantly improve their employability.

As part of the DISCO project, we want to help young women successfully enter the workforce and develop a plan for gender equality in collaboration with all the project partners.

Strengthening the skills and digital competencies of young women at risk of exclusion can make a significant difference in their ability to join a quality labour market, allowing them to lead independent lives and a become strongly integrated in society. This would encourage them to return from the hosting countries and contribute to creating affective links between the countries in need and those willing to provide aid.