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A new DISCO project learning module for Lviv Polytechnic National University students is currently available.

The programme will provide students with a variety of courses to help them gain a head start on their university education as well as a broad range of opportunities for producing unique projects and ideas, including start-ups. The program was developed by Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine) with the help support and guidance of partners from Krakow University of Economics (Poland), the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland), and the non-profit organisation European Centre for Women and Technology (Norway).

Students with unique ideas, who require funding, mentoring, and contacts with experts in Ukraine and Europe are welcome to enrol in the programme.

The networking opportunities for students with the top experts in Ukraine and Europe in the areas of start-ups and entrepreneurship will be the hallmarks of this educational programme. Activities employing the Design Thinking technique and the hunt for Start-Up funding sources will receive special attention.

Students who participate in the DISCO study programme will become part of a community that generates creative ideas using the Design Thinking methodology developed in collaboration with renowned European universities. They will be awarded an international certificate of participation. The most active participants will travel to Poland as part of a study visit and will obtain financial support to implement their unique proposals.

Participants in the workshop also held expert discussions on seeking European grants to develop women’s initiatives.