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Representatives of the DISCO project participated in the workshops and visit as part of the meeting organised by Cyber Academia.

A great opportunity to raise the profile of the DISCO project in Kyiv was provided by joint activities, which facilitated the involvement of the new Ukrainian partners in the project. At the meeting, areas of collaboration and practical cooperation tools were explored. The activities completed from 16 to 19 January 2023 contributed to the expansion of the European innovation/education network and included high-quality partners capable of bringing substantial added value to the project.

The discussions on deep tech talent in higher education with a focus on cyber security, and its development are expected to lead to strategic alliances and quality partnerships that will strengthen and contribute valuable resources to our academic pool. Joint partner efforts will also foster close links between institutions to serve as a bridge for future ideas and mark the start of a multilevel network between institutions, which will become a platform for the exchange of personnel and resources, and will also aid in the reconstruction of Ukraine once the war is over.