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The DISCO Innovation Lab, hosted by Krakow University of Economics and Małopolska School of Public Administration (MSAP KUE) in September 2023, served as an important forum for exploring contemporary trends in innovation, analysing case studies, and fostering strategic partnerships.

Day 1: Orientation and Insights

  • Piotr Kopyciński, Director of MSAP KUE, extended a warm welcome, setting the stage for the event.
  • Stanisław Alwasiak offered a comprehensive perspective on innovation in the context of the DISCO project.
  • Participants familiarised themselves with newly integrated project partners and their roles.
  • The day concluded with a discussion hosted by Eva Fabry from ECTW, focusing on DISCO’s Gender Observatory component.

Day 2: Exploring Innovation

  • Attendees embarked on an instructive journey into innovation.
  • A presentation on hydrogen-powered buses in Krakow’s public transportation system was featured.
  • In the afternoon, selected start-ups from the OMGKRK Community were showcased at the Krakow Technology Park.

Day 3: Collaboration and Insights

  • Stanisław Alwasiak moderated discussions on fresh avenues for cooperative endeavors.
  • The day’s agenda included instructive case studies, featuring presentations by Ukrainian, Swiss, and Polish start-ups.
  • Dr Piotr Kopyciński and Marek Oramus summarised the proceedings and outlined the way forward, providing an opportunity for reflection on the knowledge gained and the alliances forged during the DISCO project.

The DISCO Innovation Lab was a transformative event, where innovation, learning, and collaborative networking converged to inspire new horizons in the field of innovation.