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On August 28, 2023, Odessa hosted a critical meeting for Ukraine’s space industry, devoted to exploring aspects of collaboration essential for advancing innovation in the Ukrainian space sector. Despite the complexity of contemporary issues, such as the war, Ukraine continues to actively develop this sector, strengthening regional integration and international partnerships.

The conference was attended by representatives of the following organizations: All-Ukrainian Association of Innovation and Space Clusters, National Space Test Center, Malopolska School of Public Administration, Krakow University of Economics, and others.

Stanislaw Alwasiak, a representative of Malopolska School of Public Administration, Krakow University of Economics, discussed the opportunities for international collaboration under the DISCO project, in which the All-Ukrainian Association of Space Innovation Clusters is a partner.

The support of European partners for Ukrainian space startups, as well as the successful implementation of the Space Agency’s program, was underscored by Oleksii Kozlov, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Association of Space Innovation Clusters.

The conference emphasized the active involvement of Ukrainian students and young scientists in the space sector, their collaboration with other countries, as well as the receipt of international patents. The conference acknowledged the importance of training high-quality workers for future industrial development.

Sergiy Hrynevetsky, Vice President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Space Innovation Clusters, stated that despite the challenging wartime circumstances, Ukraine should continue to develop its space industry. In his view, Ukraine’s future depends on its economic condition and the capacity to deploy modern technologies to compete globally. Mr. Hrynevetsky also emphasized the importance of ensuring the country’s financial and economic stability, as well as implementing major projects in the space sector, which are presently being discussed. He also noted the need to improve the quality of education and to retain highly qualified professionals in the country.

Volodymyr Prysyazhnyi, Head of the National Space Test Center, spoke about the facility’s operations and ambitions to establish an Eastern European Space Center.