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DISCO Project Expands with Four Strategic Partners

The DISCO project team is pleased to announce continued collaboration in 2024 with four Ukrainian partners that joined the original consortium:

  1. Sumy State University (SumDU): As a globally recognized institution, SumDU reinforces DISCO’s commitment to academic excellence and research-driven innovation.
  2. All-Ukrainian Public Association of Innovative Space Clusters: The association of five regional spacetech clusters, brings expertise in propulsion systems, software, Earth observation, and other areas, expanding DISCO’s reach into cutting-edge space technology.
  3. International Cyber Academy (Ukraine): With a focus on cybersecurity education, this institution strengthens DISCO’s dedication to cybersecurity awareness and readiness by providing critical digital competences and abilities to handle growing cybersecurity issues.
  4. Ternopil Regional Council: Thanks to its commitment to regional development, the Council adds a valuable perspective to DISCO’s initiatives.

These partnerships demonstrate DISCO’s dedication to cross-sectoral collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange. The presence of these reputable partners is expected to contribute new insights, expanding the DISCO project’s ecosystem and delivering meaningful outcomes in education, space technology, cybersecurity, and regional development.